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At Flatfish, we are committed to ensuring that all our procurement practices are carried out in the most sustainable and responsible way possible, including the responsible procurement of all raw materials sourced to produce any product involved in our business.

Fishmongers Showing Of Catch & Fresh Fish On Ice

Our Oceans play an essential role in climate dynamics, absorbing 93% of the heat accumulating in the Earth’s atmosphere and a quarter of the CO2 released from fossil fuels. The continued effects of climate change are causing the temperature of our oceans to increase to unprecedented levels. Every incremental increase in temperature poses a threat to our sea creatures and the biodiversity of the oceans. Fish is seen as one of the healthiest animal protein choices for people and the planet. A healthy climate means; a healthy world, healthy oceans and plenty of fish.

We recognise our responsibility to ensure sound social, ethical, and environmental practices within our operations, supply chains, and every market we operate within. Our partnership with Bryt Energy will allow us to save 266 tonnes* CO2, the equivalent of filling a shipping container with CO2 over 3900 times! The switch is an integral part of our sustainability journey and brings us one step closer to our goal of being Net-Zero by 2030.

Flatfish CEO, Steve Stansfield, said:

“Flatfish are leading our industry into a sustainable future. Our partnership with Bryt is the first of many environmentally conscious switches we plan to make in the coming months, bringing our company closer to having zero impact on our planet. I believe fish is the best protein choice. We source sustainable wild fish so, being able to help maintain the temperature of the oceans is a crucial step in ensuring the sustainable stocks we fish today are there for our children to catch tomorrow.”

Bryt Energy Managing Director, Ian Brothwell, said:

“It’s encouraging to see businesses advocating sustainability within their industry. We’re delighted to be supporting Flatfish on their journey to Net Zero by 2030, and a simple switch to a zero-carbon, 100% renewable supply is a great step towards reducing their impact on the planet.”

*National Fuel Mix disclosure based on Average Carbon emissions from all UK generated electricity (which is 204.8g CO2/KWh for the year 2019/20). The unit of g CO2/kWh is the grams of carbon dioxide for every kWh of electricity generated.

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